The ‘Accreditation Resource Management System’ (ARMS) allows an organisation to manage all aspects of their Accreditation process. 

Some of the key functionality within ARMS includes:

Provider Maintenance

ARMS provides functionality allowing you to record and maintain key information about Education Providers. 

A search facility enables Provider data to be exported into the Microsoft Office suite of software.

Program Maintenance

Each Provider will generally have at least one or more Programs that will need to be Accredited from time to time. 

The ARMS Program Maintenance function enables a comprehensive set of data to be recorded and displayed for each Program.

Event Maintenance

An ‘Event’ represents some form of an Accreditation (e.g. Initial Assessment, Re-Accreditation, Major Change, Monitoring etc).

The Event Maintenance function ties together all of the records associated with an accreditation.

Site Evaluation Team Maintenance

The selection of an evaluation team is key to a successful accreditation.  The ARMS Site Evaluation Team Maintenance function allows a range of criteria to be used in order to select the most qualified and experienced members for a team.

Checklist Maintenance

Each accreditation event relies on set of Milestones being achieved and Tasks being carried out.  The Checklist Maintenance function allows template Checklists (e.g. Milestones and Tasks) to be constructed and then assigned to new Events when they are created. 

Reporting  & Other Information

ARMS has an extensive array of reports some of which have been designed to deploy onto your Website (e.g. Accredited Programs List, Discontinued Programs etc).

The Milestone Monitor function allows the team to monitor what work is currently in progress or finalised according to a range of provided selection criterion.

The Program Expirying function displays a list of Programs Accreditations which are due to expiry according to a range of provided selection criterion.


Key features and benefits

  • Easy access to key information
  • User friendly
  • Fully configurable Checklists
  • Dynamic correspondence authoring
  • Correspondence tracking
  • Reporting (dynamic and standard)
  • Microsoft Office integration


Sample Look and Feel

Implemented Sites

  • Australian Dental Council
  • Australian Psychology Accreditation Council