The ‘Advanced Itembank Management System’ (AIMS) has been designed to enable organisations to manage and administer examination content and to process candidate results on completion of an exam. 

Some of the key functionality within AIMS includes:

Item Maintenance

AIMS allows for both multiple choice and written answer Items. 

By assigning a status (e.g. Validate, Review, Active or Archive), Items may be included or excluded from an exam or be used to generate a Practice, Review or Validation exam paper.

AIMS allows Items to be classified by hierarchy (e.g. Subject, Topic, Sub-Topic). 

Profile Maintenance

Profiles are used to group a number of ‘Items’ and to provide reference material in relation to the Items (e.g. Patient demographics, Patient medical history etc).

BluePrint Maintenance

Blueprints provide an exam template. 

Within a Blueprint, the number and type of Items and / or Profiles are normally configured.

Additional parameters such as the number of ‘Common Items to include from a previous exam’ or number of ‘Untrialled Items’ may be configured as well.

Exam Generation

Exams may be generated using pre-configured BluePrints. 

Using easily selected parameters, AIMS can create various types of papers for an ‘Exam’, ‘Practice’, ‘Review’ or ‘Validation’.

Result Processing

On completion of an exam, candidate results are imported into AIMS for marking.  A number of reports are generated from this process including:

·         Candidate Results (Summary of Candidate and cohort),

·         Candidate Detailed Results (Candidate responses), and

·         Item Analysis (Item performance within the exam).

Item Dashboard

The Item Dashboard provides information on the number of Items and Profiles held within AIMS broken down by hierarchical groupings and status.

Integration with specialized software

AIMS can be easily interfaced to third party specialist software such as psychometric applications.


Key features and benefits

  • Allows hierarchical Item Grouping
  • Easy access to key information
  • Easy Item and Profile setup
  • Dynamic correspondence authoring
  • Fully configurable Blueprints
  • Correspondence tracking
  • Flexible Exam generation function
  • Import / Export of Exam data and Statistics
  • Candidate Resulting facility
  • Reporting (dynamic and standard)
  • Microsoft Office integration

Sample Look and Feel

AIMS screen shot

Implemented Sites

  • Australian Pharmacy Council
  •  Australian Dental Council