ChartSmart Consulting offers its customers a wide range of IT Consulting Services that assist in driving business outcomes. Our IT Consulting staff are highly experienced, skilled and from many years in the IT sector, have gained broad ranging and sound industry knowledge.

Our Consultants don’t just provide a service, they provide an outcome. An outcome that not only delivers to the customer’s brief, but an outcome that also ensures that the customer can better maintain their IT assets in support of broader business objectives.

To achieve this, engagements are undertaken as a true partnership, based on openness, honesty and trust. This ensures that the engagement has a model for success. As part of that model, our consultants provide an open dialog with customers ensuring progress (including risks and issues) are communicated promptly.

Fundamental to our consulting engagements is the provision of knowledge transfer. At ChartSmart, we are of the firm belief that a successful consultancy is one whereby the customer has not only benefited but also learnt from the experience.

ChartSmart Consulting provide a wide range of IT Consulting Services, including (but not limited to):

  • Business case development,
  • Business process modelling,
  • Process improvement and optimisation,
  • Tender writing and evaluation,
  • Organisational change management,
  • Stakeholder management,
  • Data migration services
  • IT testing,
  • IT training, and
  • Project management services.